M.A. Concentrations Prerequisites

Standard Master of Arts Program Prerequisites

Full standing at admission is granted to those applicants who have completed the courses listed below or their equivalents. Students without one or both prerequisites may be admitted but will be required to complete the missing course(s) in addition to their graduate program coursework. (Note: each concentration may have additional required prerequisites)

EPSE 312 (3) Introduction to the Study of Exceptional Children
EPSE 317 (3) Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom
EPSE 481 (3) Introduction to Research in Education
EPSE 482 (3) Introduction to Statistics for Research in Education

Under the Western Deans Agreement, students may take some courses at other universities and receive transfer credit toward their degree.

Criminal Record Checks

All graduate students in Special Education who undertake a field experience that involves work with vulnerable populations (for example, children in schools) MUST have a criminal record check completed through the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Teacher Education Office prior to starting the course. The criminal record check CANNOT be done at a local police station or RCMP office. If you are from a country other than Canada, you are required to contact the appropriate authority and have the check completed in your home country.
Learn more about Criminal Record Checks.

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