Diploma in Special Education

ECPS offers a number of courses leading to a Diploma in Special Education. The coursework allows for specialization in a variety of areas within the field of Special Education. The openness of coursework permits students to tailor their work to the current needs of school districts or other professional fields. Students are encouraged to check with their school district to ensure they include courses required for Special Education teaching positions in that district. The Diploma in Special Education does not require B.C. Teacher Certification for Admission.

Students may be able to transfer courses at the 300-400 level into the Diploma in Special Education. Approval for transfer credits is made with the Program Coordinator.

All 30 credits must be EPSE courses offered at the 300-400 level with one required course, EPSE 312 or 317. Substitutions for either course may be approved, if you have previously completed it in another university program. Approval for substitution is made with the Program Coordinator.

EPSE 421 must be taken in order to obtain your Level B Testing qualification. If you have questions concerning EPSE 421, please contact Dr. Laurie Ford. EPSE 461B will not meet this qualification and is not available for professional development students.


Institution Course Transfers as # Credits
Douglas College DACS 5131 EPSE 4th 3
Douglas College DACS 5132 EPSE 4th 3
Douglas College DACS 5133 EPSE 4th 3
Queen's University CONT 911 EPSE 421 3
Simon Fraser University EDUC 426 EPSE 4th 3
Simon Fraser University EDUC 422 EPSE 316 3
Thompson Rivers University - Open Learning EDUC 5120 EPSE 421 3
University of Victoria ED-D 402 EPSE 421 3
University of Victoria ED-D 405 EPSE 312 or 317 3

Email the SPED Diploma Program Coordinator for transfer credit approval.

Learn more about transfer credits to the diploma program.