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The following forms and resources are intended for ECPS faculty, staff, and sessional instructors.
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Syllabus Template

Peer Reviews of Teaching

Instructor Resources


Keys & Building Access

Finance Forms

ECPS Finance Forms

Mileage Claim Form

Miscellaneous Claim Form

Honorarium Payment Request Form

Information for Student Appointments

Central Finance Forms

UBC Professional Development Funds Information / Claim Form 

Direct Deposit (Payroll) Form

For any of the following finance forms, please visit the finance section on the Faculty of Education website

Miscellaneous Expense Claim Form (Non-travel)
Missing Receipt Claim Form
Operating Funds Justification on Travel Form
Travel Expense Claim Form
Tri-Council Expense Eligibility Checklist
Tri-Council General Principles on Use of Grant Funds
UBC Journal Voucher Template
UBC Q-Requisition Form
UBC Travel Requisition Form


Print Services (Faculty may request print orders or graphic design services via Xerox’s web-to-print portal)


Technology & Web

UBC IT Service Helpdesk (SOS) 
Complete online form for support related to workstation problems or issues, and requesting computer assistance

Educational & Technology Support

UBC Workspace Getting Started Resource  |  User Guide  |  UBC Workspace FAQs