ECPS Policy on Noted Scholars

ECPS invites a noted scholar each summer to participate in and contribute to the academic ethos of the Department. This policy addresses the strategic intention of the noted scholar program and procedures for identifying and specifying the workload of the noted scholar.

  1. The responsibility for the administration of the Noted Scholar program shall be with the Department Head and the Noted Scholar will be attached to this Department.
  2. Appointment of the Noted Scholar will be in the summer as part of the Faculty of Education Noted Scholar Program, and as such meet any obligations as laid out by the Faculty of Education.
  3. Noted scholars will be individuals who are preeminent and of international stature in their field.
  4. Salary and housing costs for the Noted Scholar Program are funded by the Faculty of Education Dean’s Office.
  5. Visiting Scholars will contribute to the Department’s intellectual life, be consistent with any Departmentally identified intellectual foci in that given year, in at least one of the areas of:
    • Highlighting existing program strengths
    • Providing a unique intellectual contribution not otherwise available in the Department,
    • Providing a valued connection to external Departmental communities.
  6. Noted Scholars will be provided with a library card, internet access, telephone, and work space.
  7. Additional support may be available from the Department, subject to available funds.
  8. The responsibilities of the Noted Scholar will be negotiated with the Department Head and may include at least some or all of the following:
    • teaching a class
    • giving a formal lecture
    • participating informal seminars
    • giving workshops
    • participating in conferences
  9. The criteria on which nominations for the noted scholar will be reviewed will include:
    • nature and extent of the contribution the Noted Scholar can make to the Department in one or more of the areas as stated in #5
    • relationship of the proposed contribution to the stated mission, objectives and needs of the Department.

Noted Scholar Procedure

  1. Nomination of Noted Scholars:
    • will be sought from Department faculty and students early in September
    • will be submitted to the Department Head by October 15th
    • will include a letter of nomination outlining how the nominee will contribute to the Department in terms of the conditions in #5 of this Policy and a current CV of the nominee, and may include suggested responsibilities as related to #8 of this Policy
  2. Choosing a Noted Scholar:
    • Nominations will be review by the Department Standing Personnel Committee at the regularly scheduled October meeting of that Committee in light of the criteria specified in this policy.
    • The DSPC will make recommendations to the Department Head about proposed responsibilities for the Noted Scholar.
    • The Department Head will extend a formal invitation to the nominated Noted Scholar and negotiate the dates of appointment and responsibilities for the Noted Scholar.
    • When an agreement has been reached on the timing and responsibilities a recommendation for appointment will be made to The Dean’s Office.