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How to Submit Graduate Student Forms for Signature and Processing

Progress in an academic program at UBC entails the production of numerous forms, many of which are sent on to Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) for processing. These forms include: requests for a waiver of a required course, requests for a leave, requests for an extension to time allowed for degree completion, doctoral exams forms, program of graduate studies forms, and so on. In ECPS, we have a responsibility to G+PS to perform an oversight function relative to these forms — to make sure that what people are asking for is possible and appropriate within the multitudinous exigencies posed by the University’s numerous policies and procedures. To perform that oversight function appropriately, we have a procedure for the submission of these forms.

Submit a complete, recent version of the form

  • Take a look at the website where the form you need is available, and make sure to provide whatever paperwork needs to accompany the form, as well as securing the requisite signatures (e.g., research supervisor, or committee, or whomever).

Submit the form to the ECPS Graduate Office for signature, and if required, forwarding to Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS)

  • Submit all graduate student forms to the ECPS Graduate Program Supports.
  • Forms cannot be submitted by email, or fax, as they always entail the inclusion of actual, and not virtual, signatures.
  • Forms cannot be sent to the Director of Graduate Programs by campus mail, nor left in her/his mailbox. ECPS Graduate Program Supports need to check the information on the form prior to its signature.

Pay attention to deadlines

  • Make sure that you allow at least two weeks for a form to be signed.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency—where a form must be signed within an atypically abbreviated time-frame—please advise the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) by email of the problem. The DGP will then be able to make sure that an appropriate signature is secured within the requisite time-frame.

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