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Research Methodology GAA

Danjie (Jerry) Zou:

Zou is a doctoral student of MERM program at the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education (ECPS) at UBC. He completed his M.A. in MERM in 2017, with his thesis focusing on the interpretation and communication of bias and impact detection of test items when attempting to make causal claims in observational studies. He is now working with his supervisor Dr. Wu on a natural language processing project and also assisting Drs. Baumbusch and Lloyd at the School of Nursing on two projects focusing on special-need students.

Provide support for research methodology and statistical software for ECPS graduate students and faculty. For personalized assistance, you can request a one-on-one appointment via email.

*Please email to schedule an appointment.

Program Area Peer Advisors & Supports

CNPS Peer Advisor

Lauren Currie:

Lauren is currently and PhD student in the Counselling Psychology program.

Please make appointments for advising on admissions to the Counselling Psychology Program via email.

Responds to emails and telephone inquiries from potential applicants; establishes weekly appointment times for meeting applicants; updates current information of admissions criteria (website); updates equivalencies list of prerequisite courses; assists with group information sessions; assists with vetting equivalency requests of prerequisite courses

Accreditation Support GAA

Shalet Rosario:

Shalet is a current graduate student in counselling psychology at UBC. Shalet completed an M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Mumbai (India). She has experience counselling child and adult survivors of child sexual abuse, survivors of domestic violence and related mental health concerns both face-to-face and via a telephone helpline. Her research interests lie in studying caregiving for children diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. In her position as a Research Assistant in Dr. Richard A Young’s lab, she studies ways to support new immigrants in their transition to Canada and adulthood.

HDLC Student Area Representative

Negar Khodarahmi:

Negar Khodarahmi is currently a PhD student in the Human Development, Learning, and Culture program in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education at UBC. Her Master's degree was completed at UBC in the Early Childhood Education program and she hopes to continue her work with ECE teachers and how to best support them in working with trauma-exposed students using a Trauma-informed framework. This is her second year at HDLC student area representative and is looking forward to continuing her work to facilitate a graduate student community in the HDLC program and greater ECPS department.

MERM Peer Advisor

Man Niu:

Man is a second year MA student in MERM. She has a BEd degree and was an elementary school teacher. Before moving to Vancouver, Man had lived in the East Coast of Canada for a few years. Man is very easy going and adventurous. She loves to try fun experiences, meet new friends, get involved in the community and connect with the nature.

SACP Peer Advisor

Maryam Mahad Osman:

Maryam is in her second year of the M.Ed School and Applied child psychology program. When she's not in class she enjoys photography, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors!

Accreditation Support GAA


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Erika is a first-year doctoral student in the School and Applied Child Psychology program in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education (ECPS) at UBC. She completed her M.A. in School Psychology at UBC in 2018. Her thesis focused on adolescents’ judgments about anxiety services and treatment options. After graduating, Erika worked as a school psychologist in the Lower Mainland. As part of her doctoral studies, she is interested in pursuing research and practical experiences with a focus on autism spectrum disorder.

SPED Student Area Representative

Gizem Guryil:

Gizem Guryil is a second-year master's student in Special Education in the High Ability concentration. After obtaining a BA degree in Sociology at Hacettepe University, Turkey, she came to UBC to get her MA and encounter diverse environments and various frameworks. She is currently involved in a research project related to the Superkids2 documentary with Dr. Owen Lo. Her research interests centre on documentaries' employability as a medium of research methodology, sociology and gifted education. Along with the academic responsibilities, she divides her time to travel and for photography and film reading.


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