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Research Methodology Support GAA

Yue Mao (Ashley):

Ashley is a doctoral student of MERM program at the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education (ECPS) at UBC. She received her B.A in Education and M.A in Curriculum and Teaching from Zhejiang University, China. Her M.A thesis used structural equation modeling (SEM) to analyze the entrepreneurial intentions of young Chinese returnees. She is now working with her supervisor Dr. Wu on the gender differences in perception of and preference for college majors and also assisting Dr. Havaei at the School of Nursing on projects focusing on the mental health of nurses.

Provide support for research methodology and statistical software for ECPS graduate students and faculty. For personalized assistance, you can request a one-on-one appointment via email.

*Please email to schedule an appointment.

Program Area Peer Advisors & Supports

CNPS Peer Advisor

Lauren Currie:

Lauren is currently and PhD student in the Counselling Psychology program.

Please make appointments for advising on admissions to the Counselling Psychology Program via email.

Responds to emails and telephone inquiries from potential applicants; establishes weekly appointment times for meeting applicants; updates current information of admissions criteria (website); updates equivalencies list of prerequisite courses; assists with group information sessions; assists with vetting equivalency requests of prerequisite courses.

HDLC Peer Advisor

Tonje Molyneux:

Tonje Molyneux is currently a PhD student in the Human Development, Learning, and Culture (HDLC) program in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education (ECPS) at UBC. She completed an MA in HDLC at UBC and a MEd in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning at the University of Calgary. Tonje's research interests include social and emotional learning, teacher well-being, teacher education, and program development, implementation, and evaluation. She is looking forward to facilitating a graduate student community in the HDLC program and greater ECPS department.

MERM Peer Advisor

Sirui Wu:

Sirui is a first year PhD student in the Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology (MERM) Program. After completing her Bachelor of Education program in Southwest University, China, she did her MA program in MERM, with a thesis focusing on validating college major preference assessment. Her research interests are quantitative research methodology and test validation. She looks forward to building a vibrant community for MERM graduate students, and providing a mechanism for communication of student issues.

SACP Winter Peer Advisor

Eliah Anderson:

Eliah Anderson is a second year MA student in the School and Applied Child Psychology Department who hails from Alaska, US. Before making the move to Vancouver, she completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from Calvin University. Her research interests are focused on school-based mental health practices in rural and remote areas, particularly classroom implemented trauma-informed practices. When not studying, she enjoys exploring Vancouver and spending time outdoors.

SPED Peer Advisor

Hazel Ryan Sheehan:

Hazel Ryan Sheehan is a PhD candidate in Special Education from Ireland. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History and a Master of Education from the University of Limerick and a Post Graduate Diploma in Behavioural Analysis from Trinity College, Dublin. She has over 15 years professional experience in Special Education at both teaching and senior management level. While her research interests are many, her main area of study is inclusive practice, practitioner education and classroom dynamics with particular attention on students social, emotional development and self regulation. When she is not concentrating on her academic responsibilities, she likes to bake and be outdoors in nature.


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