Grad Student Support

ECPS Graduate Advisors:

Graduate Advising & Admissions
Dr. Beth Haverkamp
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Graduate Events & GAA Coordinator
Dr. Laurie Ford
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Graduate Scholarship & Funding
Dr. Kim Zebehazy
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Graduate Representative to GCAC & GCC
Dr. William McKee
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Research Methodology GAA

Minjeong Park:

Provide support for research methodology and statistical software for ECPS graduate students and faculty. For personalized assistance, you can request a one-on-one appointment via email.

*Please email to schedule an appointment.

Program Area Peer Advisors & Assistants

CNPS Peer Advisor

Lauren Currie:

Lauren is currently and Master’s of Arts student in the Counselling Psychology program.

Please make appointments for advising on admissions to the Counselling Psychology Program via email.

Responds to emails and telephone inquiries from potential applicants; establishes weekly appointment times for meeting applicants; updates current information of admissions criteria (website); updates equivalencies list of prerequisite courses; assists with group information sessions; assists with vetting equivalency requests of prerequisite courses

HDLC Student Area Representative

Negar Khodarahmi:

Negar Khodarahmi completed a MA in Early Childhood Education at UBC focusing on Trauma-informed Practice in early learning settings.  She is currently a Ph.D. student in the Human Development, Learning, and Culture program in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology & Special Education at UBC.

As the HDLC Student Area Advisor, Negar will provide support and advice for HDLC students on topics related to university life, including helping students navigate the Faculty of Education, ECPS Department, and HDLC Program procedures.

MERM Peer Advisor

Ryan Ji:

Xuejun (Ryan) Ji is a current Ph.D. student in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology (MERM).His research focuses on diagnostic classification modelling  measurement validity, automated marking of constructed response items and the impacts of ecological, socioemotional, and cognitive factors on human development.

SACP Peer Advisor

Laura Vincent:

Laura completed her M.Sc. in Psychology in Florida, conducting studies in developmental and neuroscience. Following employment as a biology researcher at the biotech company NeuroInitiative (, Laura aided in research studying the social integration of children with ADHD in the BC school system. This year, Laura is serving as the School Psychology Peer Advisor. Her interests include social development, psychoeducational assessment, and cognitive neuroscience. In her free time, Laura enjoys sketching, painting, vocal performance, and hiking.

As the SACP Peer Advisor, Laura will provide support and advice for SACP students on topics related to university life, communicating between faculty and students, and help students navigate the Faculty of Education, ECPS Department, and SACP Program procedures.

SPED Student Area Representative

Bhagyalaxmi Velugu:

Bhagyalaxmi Velugu is first year PhD student in Special Education. Her interests are teaching children with diverse abilities, inclusive education, alternate models of school education.

Bhagyalaxmi has an MA in Education from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, MA in English and Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai University. Her professional experience includes academic research, teaching and guiding undergraduate and graduate students and project management. She has also worked in the corporate sector for about 11 years in different domains and profiles.

Advising and Counselling Services

Conflict Resolution

Family Support

Professional Development / Academic Support