EPSE 590: A Student’s Experience

SPED provides graduate-level education to school districts where travel is usually an issue for students.

In doing this, they utilize a cohort model consisting of at least 20 students who are committed to working collectively on their degrees over a two-and-a-half year period.

Dr. Elizabeth Jordan,
EPSE 590 Instructor

After several years as an adviser for such cohorts, I’ve noticed how students seem to form unforgettable bonds with one another across various schools and districts. They do this by providing unparalleled support for one another throughout the program and also within their own schools.

Each student has his/her own journey; each having a unique personal story.

Woven throughout their experience is the bond that develops, creating a special synergy within the group. I’ve seen this bond act as a kind of support glue that holds the group together, especially when family, work, and school obligations become difficult to juggle. Often you will hear that students were able to finish the degree because of the support they received from their colleagues in class.
Here, you’ll find a digital story that provides a journey through this experience from a recent cohort. Enjoy their personal stories and see how individuals unite to form an extraordinary cohort.