EPSE 590 Graduating Seminar

The purpose of the Graduating Seminar (EPSE 590) is to facilitate a broad-based demonstration of students’ theoretical and applied knowledge as acquired during their MEd program. The Graduating Seminar is the culminating course in the final term of a student’s program, to be taken concurrently with the final course or following completion of all courses outlined in the Program of Graduate Studies (PGS). During the Graduating Seminar students will create an electronic, web-based portfolio and provide a public presentation on a topic related to the focus of their graduate program. All MEd students in Special Education and Human Development, Learning and Culture are required to enroll in this one-term, 3-credit course that meets face-to-face and is facilitated by a faculty member.  This course is offered twice annually.

EPSE 590 Statement of Focus Worksheet

EPSE 590 Registration Form