2019-2020 SACP Administrative Responsibilities

SACP Area Coordinator, Dr. Bill McKee
SACP Ph.D. Program Director of Training, Dr. Laurie Ford
SACP Practicum Coordinator, Dr. Anusha Kassan
SACP Admissions Coordinator, Dr. Laurie Ford

Faculty Accepting SACP Ph.D. Research Students for 2021-2022 (We are not admitting M.A. students for 2021-2022)

Dr. Laurie Ford (SACP & HDLC) – Ph.D. Students
Dr. Anusha Kassan  (SACP) – Ph.D. Students
Dr. Vicki Knight (SPED) – Ph.D. students as Co-supervisor
Dr. Bill McKee (SACP) – Ph.D. Students
Dr. Sterett Mercer (SPED) – Ph.D. Students
Dr. Thomas Schanding (SACP) – Ph.D. Students (Starting July 1, 2021)
Dr. Kim Zebehazy (SPED) – M.A. & Ph.D. Students

Assistant Professor
Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)
Not currently accepting Doctoral Students
Associate Professor
SACP Admissions Coordinator
SACP Director of Training
Director, Early Childhood Education
School and Child Clinical Psychology
Certified School Psychologist
Associate Professor
SACP Practicum Coordinator
Registered Psychologist
Child and youth mental health
Social justice
Multiculturalism and diversity
Teaching and learning methods
Theortical Orientation
Associate Professor of Teaching
Director of ECPS Graduate Programs
Registered Psychologist
Assistant Professor
SACP Area Coordinator
Director, Psychological Services & Counselling Training Centre (PSCTC)
Executive Director, BC School & Applied Psychology Internship Program
Associate Professor (Under Review)
July 1, 2021 hire
Social and Emotional Learning
Universal Screening
Behavioral/Mental Health Interventions
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Social Justice