2023-2024 SACP Administrative Responsibilities

SACP Area Coordinator, Dr. Thomas Schanding
SACP Ph.D. Program Director of Training, Dr. Laurie Ford
SACP Practicum Coordinator, Dr. Anusha Kassan
SACP Admissions Coordinator, Dr. Laurie Ford

SACP Ph.D. Program Training Committee: Dr. Laurie Ford (Chair), Dr. Anusha Kassan, Dr. Thomas Schanding, Dr. Beth Haverkamp (CNPS rep), Teija Yli-Renko (Student Representative)

Faculty Accepting SACP Ph.D. Students for 2023-2024
(We are only admitting for the Ph.D. program in 2023-2024. We are not admitting M.A. or M.Ed. students for 2023-2024)

Dr. Laurie Ford (SACP & HDLC) – Ph.D. Students
Dr. Anusha Kassan  (SACP) – Ph.D. Students
Dr. Owen Lo (SPED) –  Ph.D. Students
Dr. Sterett Mercer (SPED) –  Ph.D. Students
Dr. Thomas Schanding (SACP) – Ph.D. Students
Dr. Kim Zebehazy (SPED) – Ph.D. Students


  • Allison Cloth

    Assistant Professor

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  • Laurie Ford

    Associate Professor
    Director of Early Childhood Education

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  • Anusha Kassan

    Associate Professor
    SACP Practicum Coordinator

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  • Simon Lisaingo

    SACP Lecturer

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  • Thomas Schanding

    Associate Professor

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