Ph.D. Program

Program Prerequisites

In addition to the minimum admission requirements set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, students admitted to the Ph.D. degree program normally possess a M.A. in School Psychology equivalent to the requirements of the UBC M.A. program (see coursework listed below), and graduate or senior undergraduate preparation in Human Development, History and Systems of Psychology, and Biological Bases of Behaviour  Prerequisites not met prior to entry may be included in the doctoral program of study.

Mandatory Criminal Record Checks:  All School Psychology students must have a criminal record check completed through the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Teacher Education Office prior to the start of classes.  The application deadline to authorize the Criminal Records Check is August 31 to allow sufficient time for the results to be returned to the SCPS Graduate Program Support prior to beginning practicum placements in the schools in September.  The criminal record check cannot be done at a local police station or RCMP office.

School Psychology Practice Coursework Prerequisites

EPSE 550 (3) Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues In School Psychology
EPSE 551 (3) School Based Consultation
EPSE 554 (3) Practicum in Cognitive Assessment
EPSE 531(3) Curriculum-Based Assessment and Intervention
EPSE 534 (3) Academic Assessment
EPSE 535 (3) Social, Emotional, and Behavioural Assessment
EPSE 552 (3) School-Based Interventions
EPSE 561C (1) Laboratory Practicum  (Integrated Clinic Based)
EPSE 561F (9) Laboratory Practicum (Practicum in School-Based Practicum)
EPSE 589 (9): Masters Internship in School Psychology OR
EPSE 598 (3): Intensive School-Based Practicum (If going directly to the Ph.D. program from the M.A.)

Research Coursework Prerequisites

EPSE 528 (3) Basic Principles of Measurement

And two of the following:
EPSE 592 (3) Experimental Designs and Analysis in Educational Research
EPSE 596 (3) Correlational Designs and Analysis in Educational Research
EPSE 593 (3) Design and Analysis of Sample with Small or Single Subjects
EPSE 595 (3) Qualitative Methods in Educational Psychology & Special Education

EPSE 599 (6) Thesis

Psychological Bases Coursework Prerequisites

Applied Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (EPSE 507) (3)
Theories of Cognitive & Affective Abilities
 (EPSE 553) (3)
History and Systems of Psychology (upper division undergraduate or graduate)
Human Development (upper division undergraduate or graduate)
Biological Bases of Behaviour (upper division undergraduate or graduate)

PhD Program Requirements

The typical doctoral program is 39 credits, beyond completion of the UBC School Psychology M.A. or equivalent program.  Four years of full-time study are required including three years of on-campus coursework, supervised practicum, comprehensive examinations, dissertation, and a one-year  pre-doctoral internship.

Advanced Professional Practice

Three advanced professional practice courses (e.g. prevention, intervention, assessment) (approved by program committee) (9)

Multicultural/Diversity Issues

One course in multicultural/diversity issues (e.g., multi-cultural counseling, families & diversity; indigenous education) (3)

Measurement, Evaluation, Research Methods Coursework

Qualitative research methodologies (e.g., EPSE 595) (3)
Quantitative research methodologies (e.g., EPSE 682, EPSE 593, EPSE 681, EPSE 597) (3)
One additional advanced measurement, evaluation or research methods course, appropriate to the student’s goals (3)

Dissertation (EPSE 699) (0)
Comprehensive Examination (0)

Psychology Bases

Community-Based Systems (EPSE 633) (3)


Supervision Practicum (EPSE 688) (3)
Specialty Practicum (EPSE 687) (3)
Doctoral Internship (EPSE 689) (9)


Data on student admissions and outcomes for the Ph.D. program are presented here.