MERM Faculty

List of MERM faculty members who will consider accepting prospective graduate students for a September 2021 start.

Dr. Shawna Faber (HDLC & MERM)- M.Ed. Students only
Dr. Anita Hubley (MERM & CNPS) – M.A. Students only
Dr. Ed Kroc (MERM) – M.A., M.Ed., & Ph.D. Students
Dr. Yan Liu (MERM) – Not available to supervise students
Dr. Sandra Mathison (MERM) – M.A., M.Ed., & Ph.D. Students
Dr. Amery Wu (MERM) – M.A., M.Ed., & Ph.D. Students
Dr. Bruno Zumbo (MERM) – M.A., & Ph.D. Students

Associate Professor of Teaching
Deputy Department Head
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Associate Professor
MERM Area Coordinator
Professor & Distinguished University Scholar
Tier 1- Canada Research Chair in Psychometrics and Measurement
Paragon UBC Professor of Psychometrics and Measurement
Multivariate statistics, measurement models, measurement error, geometry of test theory and statistics, and applications of measure theory