MERM Faculty

List of MERM faculty members who will consider accepting prospective graduate students for a September 2022 start.

Dr. Shawna Faber (HDLC & MERM)- M.Ed. Students only
Dr. Anita Hubley (MERM & CNPS) – M.A. Students only
Dr. Ed Kroc (MERM) – M.A., M.Ed., & Ph.D. Students
Dr. Sandra Mathison (MERM) – M.A., M.Ed., & Ph.D. Students
Dr. Amery Wu (MERM) – M.A., M.Ed., & Ph.D. Students
Dr. Bruno Zumbo (MERM) – M.A., & Ph.D. Students

Associate Professor of Teaching
Deputy Department Head
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Not accepting graduate students (2022-2023)
Associate Professor
MERM Area Coordinator
Professor & Distinguished University Scholar
Canada Research Chair in Psychometrics and Measurement (Tier 1)
Paragon UBC Professor of Psychometrics and Measurement
– Multivariate statistics, measurement models, and measurement error models
– Mathematical science and particularly applications of measure theory, and geometry of test theory and statistics
– Intersection of philosophy of science with measurement, modeling, and statistics