Course Level Information

Information about Course Levels

In our discussion of MERM courses it is important to use the terminology of introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses. In this light, all of our courses, irrespective of the level of the course, are open to students across the Department (and actually across the Faculty, and in some cases, the University). What this means is that we are no longer using the language of “specialized” courses and also “service” versus “non-service” courses. Instead, the language of “introductory, intermediate, and advanced” courses makes it clearer that all of our courses are required by several of the ECPS Programs.

All of the Programs in ECPS require that their students take some combination of introductory to advanced courses. For example, all SCPS, HDLC, SPED, and CNPS doctoral students have methodological requirements and some of those requirements are met through our intermediate and advanced courses.

Given the above description, every academic year we try and strike a balance so that we have at least one intermediate or advanced course in each of the winter terms.

What follows is an example of course offerings during an academic year:

Introductory/basic (EPSE 481, 482, 528, 592, 595)

Intermediate (EPSE 596)

Advanced (EPSE 597, 681, 682)

Whether a course is considered introductory, intermediate, or advanced is somewhat arbitrary but you will get a sense of our course offerings from the list above.