M.A. Program & Prerequisites

The Master of Arts CNPS program allows students to focus on one of the three areas for which we have accreditation from the Council for Accreditation of Counsellor Education Programs (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association).

The two areas of focus are: Community & Agency Counselling and School Counselling. To be admitted to the school counselling focus, applicants must have a teaching certificate at the time of application from a Canadian province or territory.

Standard Master of Arts Program Prerequisites

Applicants need to have satisfactorily completed the following prerequisite courses (or approved as accepted prerequisite courses) before December 31st. In exceptional circumstances, outstanding MA and MED applicants missing one prerequisite—other than CNPS 362—may be offered conditional admission subject to evidence of enrollment in the missing prerequisite course and the successful completion of the course by April 15th. Proof of registration in the missing prerequisite should be provided to the admissions committee by uploading it to the application portal as an attachment. CNPS 363 and CNPS 365 are offered online in Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter at UBC. Please see the equivalency table for some equivalent courses offered from other universities.

We are NO LONGER doing pre-application adjudication for the pre-requisite courses.

= On Campus = Online

CNPS 362 (3 credits) Basic Interviewing Skills
CNPS 363 (3 credits)
(Available on campus or online)
Career Counselling
CNPS 365 (3 credits)
(Available on campus or online)
Introduction to Theories of Counselling
EPSE 482 (3 credits) Introduction to Statistics for Research in Education
3 credit course in Abnormal Psychology or Behaviour Disorders Equivalency Table
3 credit course in Learning Equivalency Table

Approved M.A. Prerequisites

Work Experience

There is no required minimum amount of relevant experience.  However, relevant experience is considered when applications are adjudicated.

Research Experience

Applicants to the M.A. Program should have prior research experience, as evidenced by, for example, volunteer research assistant experience, an undergraduate honours degree research project, conference presentations, or journal publications. Compatibility between faculty and applicant research interests is an important consideration for admission.

Criminal Record Checks

Students admitted to our Master’s and Doctoral programs are required to provide a criminal record clearance prior to taking CNPS 588 – Supervised Clinical Experience in Counselling. The The CRC application instruction will be sent out to students later on in the program.

Learn more information about Criminal Record Checks.

CNPS Masters Student Handbook 2023-2024