Diploma in Guidance Studies

Program Requirements

The Guidance Studies Diploma offers teachers and other professionals background information and basic skills and concepts in school guidance work. It is intended for those who wish to do guidance work (excluding individual and group counselling) in elementary and secondary schools. Those desiring a position in a school system are required to be qualified teachers. This program can be completed on a full or part-time basis.

Note: The Diploma in Guidance Studies is not a graduate program.

Core Courses:

CNPS 362 (3) Basic Interviewing Skills
CNPS 363 (3) Career Counselling
CNPS 364 (3) Family Education and Consultation
CNPS 365 (3) Introduction to Theories of Counselling
CNPS 426 (6) The Role of the Teacher in Guidance
CNPS 427 (3) Guidance: Planning and Decision-making

Elective Courses:

CNPS 433 (3) The Personal and Social Development of the Adult
Faculty of Arts (3) any approved 300 or 400-level courses
Faculty of Education (3) any approved 300 or 400-level courses
Faculty of Science (3) any approved 300 or 400-level courses

Total of 30 Credits for the Diploma in Guidance Studies

Some undergraduate courses may be taken through the Professional Development & Community Engagement (PDCE) office.

Upon completion of all Diploma requirements, students must complete a formal application using the Student Service Centre (SSC) in order to graduate.

Admissions Information

Please refer to the application form for the deadlines to apply: https://teach.educ.ubc.ca/diplomas-certificates-application-form/

Applicants meeting the program’s requirements are admitted in the order applications are completed and until all available seats are filled. An application is time-stamped as being complete the moment the university receives an applicant’s application form, and application fee payment, and all required supporting documents. Please note that meeting requirements is not a guarantee of admission.

Only those students in the Diploma in Guidance Studies who have completed 19 credits in the program will have priority enrollment in CNPS 362.

To register in courses offered for credit you must be admitted to the UBC Faculty of Education (Vancouver campus).
Application forms can be downloaded from the Teacher Education Office (TEO) website.

Admissions and Registration Information via PDCE website.

Note: This program is suitable for students who are interested in developing their counselling expertise or who wish to increase the likelihood of being able to register for prerequisite courses required for admission to the Master’s program.