CNPS Deadlines

Application may be made any time after September 20th. All application materials should be submitted to the Counselling Psychology Program office by December 1st. This allows for applications to be processed in time for adjudication in January by members of the Department Admissions Committee.

Since it takes up to six weeks to process application forms and evaluate transcripts, it is wise to initiate the application process and submit the above materials by December 1. Any applications that are not complete by December 1 will not be considered in the adjudication process.

Applications are processed as follows:

From September 20 to December 1 On-line application is live in the system. Application materials submitted to the Department of Counselling Psychology.
September and October Information sessions are conducted by the Admissions Chairperson and admissions committee members. Dates and times of the information sessions will be posted on the home page of the department website. When more specific discussion of applicant qualifications is required individual appointments can be arranged with the Admissions Chairperson.
From December 2 to January 31 Application materials are processed and transcripts evaluated.
February 20 Final adjudication of applications by the Department Admissions Committee.
Ph.D. ADJUDICATION PROCESS USUALLY COMPLETE BY February 20th. The programme abides by the CPA policy (I. B4 of the Standards for Accreditation of Doctoral Programmes in Clinical, Counselling and School Psychology), as defined in  its Graduate Guide. Doctorial students are allowed until April 15th to accept an offer of programme admission and/or financial support.
Mid-March Department notified successful applicants by email
Late April
Department notified unsuccessful applicants by email

NOTE: The Department makes a recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Graduate Faculty then makes the final decision and communicates with the applicant directly.