M.A. General Program

The Human Development, Learning, and Culture (HDLC) program at UBC addresses the interface of research and practice in education, weaving together theoretical models and concepts in their application to real world educational issues. HDLC graduates have found careers in a variety of settings including university teaching and research, social policy analysis, curriculum and program evaluation, schools and community organizations, and corporate learning communities.

The M.A. program is appropriate for students with an undergraduate degree in an area related to HDLC. The M.A. program is a 30-credit program that involves completion of coursework and a research-based thesis, and is normally completed over two to three years. The program is appropriate for those with an interest in research and the possibility of continuing on to advanced work in a doctoral program. A teaching certificate is not a requirement.

MA students are eligible to apply for Tri-Council Grants in their first year only.

Program Prerequisites:  For students who have not previously taken appropriate research methodology courses, they must take the following courses (or equivalents) prior to starting the program or in the first year of their program.
EPSE 481 (3) Introduction to Research in Education
EPSE 482 (3) Introduction to Statistics for Research in Education
HDLC Required Core Courses (9 credits):
EPSE 501 (3) Seminar in Human Development, Learning, and Culture
EPSE 503 (3) Cultural Perspectives on Learning, Development, and Media
EPSE 505 (3) Foundations in Human Development: Infancy to Adulthood
Additional Required Electives (9 credits)
Choose three additional courses either inside or outside of HDLC. Students are encouraged to explore courses outside the area.
HDLC courses are listed below.
EPSE 502 (3) Cognition, Language, and Literacy Processes in Education
EPSE  511 (3) Special Topics in Human Development, Learning, and Culture
EPSE 583 (3) Fostering Self-Regulated Learning [formerly EPSE 565R]
EPSE 584 (3) Motivation in Education
EPSE 585 (3) Social Emotional Development in Education
EPSE 604 (3/6) Advanced Topics in Human Development, Learning, and Culture
EPSE 606 (3) College and University Teaching
EPSE 630 (3) Advanced Seminar: Adolescence Through Emerging Adulthood
Methodology Requirements (6 credits)
Choose one quantitative methods course (EPSE 592 or EPSE 596) and one qualitative methods course (EPSE 595 or equivalent).
EPSE 592 (3) Experimental Designs and Analysis in Educational Research
EPSE 596 (3) Correlational Designs and Analysis in Educational Research
EPSE 595 (3) Qualitative Methodologies in Educational Psychology and Special Education
Thesis Requirement (6 credits)
EPSE 599 (6) Master's Thesis

PGS form can be found on HDLC Forms & Resources page.