Past Events

Workshop: Trauma-Informed Practice Training Level 1 Certificate
Event Date: 2020/01/12

Workshop Details: This workshop will provide participants with tools, knowledge and some expertise on how to assist clients with trauma and understand how trauma impacts the healing process. Research supports that knowledge of Trauma-Informed care is critical to help clients move through barriers to healing. Venue: Congregation Beth Israel, 989 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. […]
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PRTC Free Executive Functioning Course & Coaching
Event Date: 2019/12/31

• Feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared, or disorganized? • Struggling to keep up? • Working hard but not seeing results? Help is available! The Psychoeducational Research Training Centre (PRTC) at the University of British Columbia is currently seeking UBC students to participate in a free, 10-week executive functioning course that includes individual, supportive coaching. Our course begins […]
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Visiting Professor Talk: Brazilian Policies and inclusive education: an overview of language teachers’ main challenges in Brazilian regular schools 
Event Date: 2019/12/05

Date: Thursday, December 5th, 2019 Time: 2:00 -5:30 pm Location: Neville Scarfe Library Block, Room 278
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Final SPED PhD Oral Defence – Karen Kester
Event Date: 2019/11/21

Final PhD Oral Dissertation Defence KAREN KESTER (Special Education) Thursday, November 21, 2019, 12:30 pm Room #203, UBC Graduate Student Centre, 6371 Crescent Road Title: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Modified School-Based Facing Your Fears for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety Chair: Dr. Daniel Goldowitz (CMMT) Supervisor: Dr. Joseph Lucyshyn (SPED) Supervisory Committee: […]
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QMS Research Talk: Applied Quantitative Methods in Mental Health Research
Event Date: 2019/11/20

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019 Location: Scarfe Building Library Block Room 2415 Speaker: Xuyan Tang (M.A. student in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology) Ben Hives (Ph.D. student in Kinesiology) Moderator: Guanyu Chen (Ph.D. student in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology) A Translation and Validation Study of the Hubley Depression Scale […]
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CNPS Information Sessions – 2019
Event Date: 2019/10/24

The CNPS Information Sessions will be chaired by Admissions Chair, Dr. Rob Bedi 1st Session 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, Wednesday October 2nd Location:  Neville Scarfe – Room 203 2nd Session 4:45 PM – 6:15 PM, Thursday October 24th Location:  Neville Scarfe – Room 203
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Thriving in Grad School panel
Event Date: 2019/10/17

Event Date: October 17, 2019 Time: 3:15 – 4:45 pm Location: LLED Multi-Purpose Room (2012) 6445 University Boulevard Open to graduate students only, this panel hosted by Language Sciences will explore how to thrive in graduate school, with panelists giving their experience and advice, and answering questions from the audience. Potential panel questions include: what […]
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Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) Workshop: Data Querying and Management
Event Date: 2019/10/16

Date: October 16th, 2019 Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Location of Event: Scarfe Room 2415 Presenters: ShunFu Hu and Xuejun Ryan Ji  (MERM PhD students) Abstract: SQL is a widely used language for storing, retrieving and updating data tables in relational database. With declarative and straightforward commands, SQL enables users to easily maintain the […]
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Final Ph.D. Oral Defense – Hillary McBride
Event Date: 2019/10/16

Final Ph.D. Oral Defense HILLARY MCBRIDE (Counselling Psychology) Wednesday, October 16th, 2019, 12:30 pm Room #203, UBC Graduate Student Centre, 6371 Crescent Road Title: Menopause as Metamorphosis: The meaning and experience for women of doing well during the menopausal transition Supervisor: Dr. Judith Daniluk (CNPS) Committee Members: Dr. William Borgen (CNPS), Dr. Laura Hurd (Kinesiology) […]
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Research Talk: Applying grounded theory methodology to understand mental health service use among youth and young adults living with mental health challenges
Event Date: 2/28/2019

Time: 1-2pm, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019 Location: Scarfe Building Library Block Room 278 Speaker: Dr. Shelly Ben-David (Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, UBC Okanagan Campus) Grounded theory is a method of qualitative inquiry that has particular relevance for mental health research.  This presentation will provide an overview of grounded theory methodology, in the context […]
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