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The Future of Counselling Psychology Education and Training in Canada: A Post-Conference Reflection

Wada, K., Kassan, A., Domene, J. F., Bedi, R., Kintzel, F., & West, A.

Published December 2020 by Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

A Fallacy of the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Gap Action Programme and Intervention Guide: Counseling and Psychotherapy Are Also (Western) Indigenous/Traditional Healing Methods

Bedi, R. P., & Bassi, M.

Published December, 2020 by Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry.

Advocating for Ourselves, Advocating for Our Communities: Canadian Counselling Psychology Into the Next Decade and Beyond

Bedi, R. P., Domene, J. F., Kassan, A., & Wada, K.

Published December, 2020 by Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

A survey of the characteristics and professional practices of members in the Canadian psychological association’s section on counselling psychology

Bedi, R.P., Christiani, K.D., & Sinacore, A.L.

Published November, 2018 by Counselling Psychology Quarterly.

Clients’ Perspectives on, Experiences of, and Contributions to the Working Alliance: Implications for Clinicians In J. Fuertes (Ed.), Working Alliance Skills for Mental Health Professionals

Robinder Bedi and Syler Hayes

Published October, 2019 by Oxford University Press.

Bedi, R. P., Christiani, K. D., & Cohen, J. A. (2018). The next generation of Canadian counselling psychologists. Counselling Psychology Review, 33(1), 46-56.

Bedi, R. P., Christiani, K. D., & Cohen, J. A.

(2018). The next generation of Canadian counselling p

Published June 2018 by British Psychological Society.

Racial, ethnic, cultural, and national disparities in counseling and psychotherapy outcome are inevitable but eliminating global mental health disparities with indigenous healing is not.

Bedi, R. P.

Published August 2018 by American Psychological Association.

Young Children’s Theory of Mind Predicts More Sharing With Friends Over Time

Jennifer Vonk Stephanie E. Jett Theodore S. Tomeny Sterett H. Mercer Julie Cwikla

Published June, 2018 by Child Development.

Bedi, R. P. (2017). Culturally-Adapted Counselling and Psychotherapy. BC Psychologist, 7, 13-15.


Published 2018 by Bc Psychologist.

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Punjabi Sikhs: Socio-Cultural Considerations

Bedi, R. P., & Shergill, A. P.

Published 2017 by Bc Psychologist.

Case Studies in Deaf Education: Inquiry, Application, and Resources

Guardino, C., Beal, J.S., Cannon, J.E., Voss, J., & Bergeron, J. P.

Currently available for pre-order by the publisher.

Published April 2018 by Gallaudet University Press.

The future of Canadian counselling psychology: doctoral students

Bedi, R. P., Christiani, K. D., & Cohen, J. A.

Published 2018 by Counselling Psychology Quarterly.

Trending Away From Routine Procedures, Toward an Ecologically Informed In Vivo View of Validation Practices

Zumbo, B.D.,

Published December 2017 by Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives.

A Social-Ecological Approach to Addressing Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Schools: Focusing on Group Processes and Social Dynamics

Trach, J., Lee, M., Hymel, S.,

Published December 2017 by Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.

The Impact of Predictor Variable(s) with Skewed Cell Probabilities on Wald Tests in Binary Logistic Regression

Alkhalaf, A., Zumbo, B.D.

Published December 2017 by Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods.

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