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Examining Classroom Contexts in Support of Culturally Diverse Learners’ Engagement: An Integration of Self-Regulated Learning and Culturally Responsive Pedagogical Practices.

Anyichie, A. C., Butler, D. L., Perry, N.E., & Nashon, S. M

Published February, 2023 by Frontline Learning Research.

Examining culturally diverse learners’ motivation and engagement processes as situated in the context of a complex task

Anyichie, A. C., & Butler, D. L.

Published February, 2023 by Frontiers in Education.

Career Recovery: Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times

Niles, S., Amundson, N., Neault (Borgen), R., & Yoon, H. J.

Published January, 2021 by Cognella.

Career Flow and Development: Hope in Action

Niles, S., Amundson, N., Neault (Borgen), R., & Yoon, H. J.

Published January, 2021 by Cognella.

Optimizing Career Engagement A Guide for Enhancing Careers and Other Life Roles

Pickerell, D., A. & Borgen, R. A.

Published January, 2023 by Cognella.

Career Development for Diverse Clients: Beyond the Basics

Roberta A. Borgen

Published January, 2022 by Cognella.

Thinking, Childhood and Time: Contemporary Perspectives on the Politics of Education

Kohan, W. & Weber, B. (Eds.)

Published 2020 by Rowman & Littlefield Publisher (Lexington Books).

Differential Item Functioning of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale Among Chinese Adolescents

Song, C., Gadermann, A.M., Zumbo, B. & Richardson, C.G.

Published June, 2022 by Journal of Immigrant Minority Health.

Diversity and Social Justice in Counseling, Psychology, and Psychotherapy: A Case Study Approach

Kassan, A., & Moodley, R.

This book centres on diversity and social justice in counselling, psychology, and psychotherapy.

Published 2022 by Cognella Press.

A Critique of the Conventional Methods of Survey Item Transformations, with an Eye to Quantification.

Zumbo, B.D., Woitschach, P.

Published April, 2021 by Springer, Cham.

Deaf and hard of hearing multilingual learners: Foundations, strategies, and resources

Cannon, J. E., Guardino, C., & Paul, P. V. (Eds.)

Published 2022 by Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group.

Deaf and hard of hearing learners with disabilities: Foundations, strategies, and resources

Guardino, C., Cannon, J. E. & Paul, P. V. (Eds.)

Published 2022 by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

The Future of Counselling Psychology Education and Training in Canada: A Post-Conference Reflection

Wada, K., Kassan, A., Domene, J. F., Bedi, R., Kintzel, F., & West, A.

Published December 2020 by Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

A Fallacy of the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Gap Action Programme and Intervention Guide: Counseling and Psychotherapy Are Also (Western) Indigenous/Traditional Healing Methods

Bedi, R. P., & Bassi, M.

Published December, 2020 by Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry.

Advocating for Ourselves, Advocating for Our Communities: Canadian Counselling Psychology Into the Next Decade and Beyond

Bedi, R. P., Domene, J. F., Kassan, A., & Wada, K.

Published December, 2020 by Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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