Welcome Kay Mun

We are pleased and excited to welcome Kay Mun

Kay has started her new role as Assistant to ECPS Head effective on March 1, 2023.

Kay has always had a passion for education. Before she joined ECPS, she had worked in an education institute in Coquitlam for seven years and was promoted to branch manager of the institute. She supported over 1000 students and more than 50 teachers while she worked in the institute.

Aside from her career success, she has actively engaged as a church administrator and a youth director. She has gained rich experiences interacting and consulting with children including giving advice on life, school, career, and more.

Before she came to Canada, Kay was involved in establishing the first and second campuses of an English school in Korea and learned many aspects of how an educational institute is established and operated.

If you’d like to reach out to her, her email is: kay.mun@ubc.ca

Please stop by Room 2518 to say hi, and welcome Kay to the ECPS!