Managing Classroom Culture and Community in Online Learning

Managing Classroom Culture and Community in Online Learning

May 20 | 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm


Dr. Nancy Perry, Professor, ECPS
Justine Johal, Vice Principal, Hyland Elementary in the Surrey School District (UBC alumni and Masters student)


Helen DeWaard, Learning Designer, ETS

Join us for our third event in the Viewpoints discussion series.

Classroom management and building a respectful community culture in a virtual environment can be approached in different ways. Some may feel there is no need to manage the online environment, others find it harder with the many tools of distraction and options for private conversations, while others find new ways to oversee the learning community. Come share your viewpoints on building a respectful classroom community and managing how the classroom looks, feels, and sounds when teaching online and within digitally-enabled learning spaces.

Bring your viewpoints to this interactive session! We encourage you to attend and take part in the discussion, or else come simply as a silent spectator and watch the conversation unfold.

Visit the topic page for this session on the Viewpoints website!