Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom: Traditional Practices and New Challenges

Wednesday, April 21 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Dr. Shawna Faber, Associate Professor of Teaching, ECPS
Louai Rahal, PhD Student


Meghan McMillen, Learning Designer, ETS

Join us for our second event in the Viewpoints discussion series. This series of events allows faculty, students, and other attendees to join members of ETS in exploring a range of pedagogical issues relating to teaching and learning with technology. The events include a panel of at least one faculty member, one student, and one ETS Learning Designer. The sessions will be collaborative conversations with our panelists and audience members.

This session will focus on academic integrity in the online classroom. In a traditional classroom, student accountability may have been assessed through and monitoring in exams, or checking in on student conversations. In the online classroom, this can be complicated – some instructors have opted to use proctoring services, alternative assessments, analytics, or they have reconceptualized what needs to be taken into consideration as student accountability. What are your thoughts on academic integrity in the online learning environment?

Bring your viewpoints to this interactive session! We encourage you to attend and take part in the discussion, or else come simply as a silent spectator and watch the conversation unfold.

Visit the topic page for this session on the Viewpoints website!

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