Interdisciplinary Consultation New Course

The Education and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education (ECPS) Department in the faculty of Education is offering a newly designed 3 credits graduate level course “Interdisciplinary Consultation” in the winter 2018 semester. The course will cover materials that would be valuable for students of different degree programs, especially for students of nursing, social work, psychology, medicine, and business. 

This course includes training in effective consultation for interdisciplinary helping professionals (e.g., physicians, social workers, nurses, psychologists). The course will focus on process consultation and communication, collaboration and leadership skills. There will also be a focus on enhancing client motivation to promote sustainable and generalizable outcomes. The course will include skills for working with individuals, groups and organizational clients as well as across settings (e.g., schools, community organizations and hospitals), with their unique timetables and goals. Where possible, students will practice case assessment and intervention (including program evaluation) via a consultee-centered approach. Allison Cloth, PhD, works from an ecological/humanist perspective and has worked as a consultant across various settings.   

Course details: