EPSE 528 | Basic Principles of Measurement

This course provides an introduction to educational and psychological measurement. This is not a statistics course and it provides more in-depth coverage of measurement, reliability, validity, and theory than what is covered by typical ‘tests and measures’ courses. Four areas will be emphasized:

(a) principles of measurement theory (e.g., reliability, validity),

(b) applications of classical test theory and item response theory to real world measurement problems,

(c) historical and social context of testing and measurement,

(d) learning how to make use of measurement information when selecting and evaluating items and measures.

This course is highly recommended for anyone planning to pursue applied, clinical, or research studies/careers involving the use or development of tests or measures.

Prerequisites:Successful completion of EPSE 482 or an equivalent undergraduate statistics course.

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MERM MEd Required Courses (12 credits):
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MERM MA Required Courses (12 credits):