EPSE 483 | Reading and Interpreting Research in Education

This course is an introductory research methods course for MEd students who are being trained as consumers rather than producers of educational research. Therefore, the course focuses on developing skills for locating, understanding, interpreting and critiquing education research. The course provides an overview of research design and process, introduces the concepts and skills involved in understanding and analyzing research in education, and provides an overview of basic, general knowledge of various research methodologies. Objectives of the course include the following:

  • develop library search skills and knowledge about resources for locating research articles and reports
  • understand the relationship between research questions, designs and methodologies
  • understand different research designs and methods such as correlational, experimental, ethnographic
  • understand and interpret statistical data and findings
  • understand and critique research methodologies and analyses
  • develop skills to analyze and critique articles
  • understand and apply concepts of validity and validity evidence in understanding and critiquing research reports

Prerequisites: No prerequisites

May not be used as a prerequisite to EPSE 592 or EPSE 596.