Congratulations to Spring 2021 Graduating ECPS Students

Dear ECPS Graduates (see below for a list of graduates),

It is with tremendous pleasure and enthusiasm that we are sending this message in recognition of your accomplishment today. We also recognize that this is simply a step in a much larger journey, and we want to joyfully wish you all the best as you embark on the next stages of your professional and academic life.

We also want to honour the fact that your accomplishments have happened during a time of unprecedented global upheaval. None of you anticipated that the last year and a half of your program would be virtual, or that we would be celebrating graduation online and through email. We want to acknowledge and applaud the resilience you have shown, as well as your ability to be flexible and to adjust to new learning situations. Your efforts have been real and our recognition is heartfelt.

One day we will all look back on this time, and remember how we did things in ways that we had never thought we could. It will add to the value of what you are celebrating today. You will all have graduated at a notable moment in time, and is important to recognize the unique conditions you faced leading up to your graduation.

Sincerest congratulations to each and all of you. We hope that one day in the very near future we will be able to share these sentiments in person, but know that this virtual message isn’t any less meaningful or less well-intended. We are here with you and celebrate your accomplishment with you. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves, and we hope that each of you will be able to celebrate in some small way.

Best wishes to all of you.


Jenna Shapka and Serge Lacroix, on behalf of all ECPS faculty and staff

Jennifer D Shapka, PhD
ECPS Professor and Head

Serge Lacroix PhD, R. Psych.
ECPS Associate Professor of Teaching and Director of Graduate Programs

Congratulations to the following Spring 2021 Graduating Students:

Mindy Chiang
Karla Glazewski
Mark Kerr
Ava Outadi

Sara Ahmadian
Candice Alder
Mohit Bassi
Kimberley Bayer
Sonya Bedi
Jenna Bocskey (Ostash)
Rebecca Britten
Trixie Cruz
Tashya De Silva
Lisa Devine
Tammam El-Khodor
Allison Esau
Alexandra Fuller
Jennifer Gayowsky
Joel Gibson
Amrit Gill
Jasmine Gill
Leanne Hagglund
Janisha Haywood
Stephanie Hirose
Danae Hodgins
Anthony Holie
Victoria Keller
Shannon Kelly
Catherine Kirkness
Chana Kleinman
Elaine Kuo
Camille Labonte Raymond
Philip Lam
Jeannette Leithman (Poon)
Krystin Lozynyc
Leah Masse (Koot)
Alicia McDonald
Mitra Mirshafie
Amanda Myring
Monica Oliveira
Lucia Pecnikova
Bhashkaren Pather
Dominique Pouliotte
Euphemia Redden
Shalet Rosario
Gabrielle Rougeau
Diana Sarkis
Madeline Sawatzky
Kirstie Schwartzentruber
Andrea Sharpe
Jennifer Sumner (Olson)
Anne-Marie Sylvester
Remi Wauthy
Diana Zhou

Xinke Wan

Amanda Jane Denys
Keert Kaur Khanghura
Misha Sethi
Dan Zhao
Haley Megan Lam

Johanna Alison Sam

Hsin Hsu

Orania Bonofas
Maria Jose Ortega
Madeline Wilda Rodgers
Daria Gritsaenko

Robyn Elizabeth McClure
Jessica Dorothy Parker

“Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey.” — Michael Josephson