CNPS Research Colloquium: Therapist Multicultural Orientation

Therapist Multicultural Orientation
Date: Thursday, November 5th, 2020 11:30 – 1 PST

Speaker: Dr. Jesse Owen
Professor University of Denver, USA.
Editor-in-chief of Psychotherapy and a leading scholar in psychotherapy research

Many mental health therapists are deeply committed to providing equitable and culturally relevant care to their clients. However, a common challenge for newer as well as more experienced therapists is how to translate their multiculturally oriented aspirations into practice and research. What does a multiculturally oriented therapist say? When and how do MCO therapists highlight cultural moments in therapy? How do they incorporate clients’ worldview and values into therapy sessions? How can we study these cultural processes?  In this webinar we will introduce attendees to the multicultural orientation (MCO) framework and the strong empirical literature that supports integrating it into therapy and supervision.  We will examine a series of studies that have been foundational to the MCO framework’s three pillars: Cultural Opportunities, Cultural Comfort, and Cultural Humility.

Meeting will occur over ZOOM

Meeting ID= 278 285 4272

Password: 214242