CNPS Panel Discussion: How to Facilitate Conversations and Discussions on Difficult Subjects

Addressing Social Justice Issues: How to Facilitate Conversations and Discussions on Difficult Subjects

As students in class, counsellors in clinical and training settings, counsellor-educators, and/or researchers, we face situations from time to time where we are required to recognize and bring up a difficult and sensitive subject as the topic of a personal or group discussion or as an issue to be addressed for conflict resolution and problem-solving. In this panel discussion, each of the four panelists will share examples and discuss how to facilitate and effectively engage in challenging discussions on topics related to social justice.

Each panelist will have 10 to 15-min. to speak, followed by an open floor discussion among the panelists and others. Our goal is to equip participants with competency and confidence to have challenging conversations with people who bring very different perspectives on social justice-related topics.

This panel discussion is organized by the Counselling Psychology Program’s Social Justice Committee, ECPS (Co-chairs: Dr. Joshua Madsen and Dr. Ishu Ishiyama). For inquiries, please contact Dr. Madsen at

Date & Time

Friday, Sept. 23, 2022 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm


Online via Zoom


Dr. Bill Borgen and Dr. Joshua Madsen (Faculty), Leor Elizur and Olivia Fischer (Students)


Dr. Roberta Borgen and Sara Panofsky (Ph.D. student)


This Zoom event will be hosted by the PSCTC, ECPS, Faculty of Education, UBC


Registration closes September 21, 2022. Please register HERE