CNPS 594 | Cross-Cultural Counselling

The purpose of this course is to review contemporary theories, practices, and research in the areas of cross-cultural/multicultural counselling and culturally unique helping and healing practices and conceptual paradigms.

The course is designed:

(a) to broaden students’ awareness and knowledge of cultural diversity and intercultural factors in helping paradigms, approaches, and processes,

(b) to recognize and address professional, sociopolitical, and ethical issues in counselling training, practice, and research, and

(c) to develop their competencies in working effectively and sensitively with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Clinical, theoretical, and research approaches will be explored critically from multicultural and minority perspectives. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to engage in self-reflection and in the process of formulating their own model of culturally sensitive helping approach that is personally meaningful and sensitive to the needs of their current or future professional activities.

Prerequisites: None

Credits: 3