CNPS 579 | Research in Counselling Psychology

This graduate course is designed for M.A. students in Counselling Psychology who have completed at least some of their course work and are ready to begin their Master’s research project (thesis).  The purpose of the course is to assist students in the development of a thesis proposal and launch the steps in undertaking the thesis itself. In addition to assist in developing the research proposal, the course assists in understanding the research process as a Master’s student, and addressing ethical issues. During the course, students examine the assumptions and methods of different research approaches and apply these issues and methods to their own research topic.


To be eligible to enroll in this course a student must have successfully completed EDUC 500 or EPSE 481 and EPSE 482 or EPSE 483, or their equivalents. Students are expected to have completed courses related to the substantive area that they want to research.

Credits: 3