CNPS 508-93A (VRHC)| Case Management and Job Development Counselling

Note: CNPS 508-93A is for VRHC students only

Vocational rehabilitation recognizes the personal, social and economic benefits of employment and this course will focus on the case management for successful integration of people with disabilities into a diverse labour market. This integration is systematically achieved through advocacy, communication, education, identification, coordination and utilization of appropriate services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The purpose of this course is to integrate the theoretical constructs and research evidence into clinical situations and to develop competencies for management/coordination of the continuum of vocational rehabilitation counselling services, including job development, placement strategies and interventions. Topics include career development, caseload management, service coordination, developing and sustaining alliances, occupational information and resources, community development, supply (employee-centred) and demand (employer-centred) roles of job development/placement activities. Your learning will be facilitated through your demonstration of practical tactics and participation in field-based learning activities to prepare for the demands of clinical practices.

Prerequisites: None