Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee is from Ottawa, Ontario. He completed his B.Ed at Laurentian University and B.A. (hons) with specialization in Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Matt worked for several years in the education system in Japan teaching English in Elementary and Middle schools. He was previously involved in a research project investigating the friendship relationships of children with ADHD at the Social Development and Mental Health Laboratory at the University of Ottawa. Currently, his research interests include: the development of childrens’ social relationships and how organizations (e.g., sports teams, martial arts clubs, youth organizations) contribute to that process; the development of social relationships in youth in different cultures; and bullying and victimization. Matt is excited to be part of the School Psychology program where he has the opportunity to learn about the subjects that he is passionate about: psychology and education. He is grateful for the collegial atmosphere within the program, and all the support and stimulation that faculty and colleagues provide.