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Case Studies in Deaf Education: Inquiry, Application, and Resources

Guardino, C., Beal, J.S., Cannon, J.E., Voss, J., & Bergeron, J. P.

Currently available for pre-order by the publisher.

Published April 2018 by Gallaudet University Press.

The future of Canadian counselling psychology: doctoral students

Bedi, R. P., Christiani, K. D., & Cohen, J. A.

Published 2018 by Counselling Psychology Quarterly.

Trending Away From Routine Procedures, Toward an Ecologically Informed In Vivo View of Validation Practices

Zumbo, B.D.,

Published December 2017 by Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives.

A Social-Ecological Approach to Addressing Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Schools: Focusing on Group Processes and Social Dynamics

Trach, J., Lee, M., Hymel, S.,

Published December 2017 by Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.

The Impact of Predictor Variable(s) with Skewed Cell Probabilities on Wald Tests in Binary Logistic Regression

Alkhalaf, A., Zumbo, B.D.

Published December 2017 by Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods.

Understanding the impact of guiding inquiry: the relationship between directive support, student attributes, and transfer of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours in inquiry learning

Roll, I., Butler, D., Yee, N., Welsh, A., Perez, S., Briseno, A., Perkins, K., Bonn, D.

Published December 2017 by Instructional Science.

Scoping review of response shift methods: current reporting practices and recommendations

Sajobi, T., Brahmbatt, R., Lix, L., Zumbo., B.D., Sawatzky, R.

Published December 2017 by Quality of Life Research.

Using Pratt’s Importance Measures in Confirmatory Factor Analyses

Wu, A.D., Zumbo, B.D.

Published December 2017 by Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods.

Working Together: Communication Between Stakeholders During the Transition from Early Intervention to School for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Curle, D., Jamieson, J., Poon, B.T., Buchanan, M., Norman, N., Zaidman-Zait, A.

Published November 2017 by Exceptionality Education International Vol. 17 Issue 2.

Montreal Accord on Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) use series-Paper 7: modern perspectives of measurement validation emphasize justification of inferences based on patient reported outcome scores

Sawatzky, R., Chan, E.KH., Zumbo, B., Ahmed, S., Bartlett, S.J.

Published September 2017 by Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

A Preliminary Component Analysis of Self-Regulated Strategy Development for Persuasive Writing in Grades 5 to 7 in British Columbia

Geres-Smith, R., Mercer, S.H., Archambault, C., Bartfai, J.M.

Published November 2017 by Canadian Journal of School Psychology.

Factor Validation of a Fidelity of Implementation Measure for Social Behavior Systems

Massar, M.M., McIntosh, K., Mercer, S.H.

Published October 2017 by Remedial and Special Education.

Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools: A Narrative Literature Review

Record-Lemon, R.M., Buchanan, M.J.

Published October 2017 by Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Social and Emotional Learning: Recent Research and Practical Strategies for Promoting Children’s Social and Emotional Competence in Schools

Oberle, E., Schonert=Reichl, K.A.

Published October 2017 by Handbook of Social Behavior and Skills in Children.

Emotion Dysregulation and Social Support in PTSD and Depression: A Study of Trauma-Exposed Veterans

Cox, D.W., Bakker, A.M., Naifeh, J.A.

Published October 2017 by Journal of Traumatic Stress.

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