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Investigating differential options functioning using multinominal logistic regression

Park, M., Wu, A.D.

Published September, 2017 by International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education.

Recommendations from the field: Interviewing and retaining homeless and vulnerably housed participants in longitudinal health research.

1. Gerlitz, J., Joyce, R., Gadermann, A., Hubley, A. M., Zhu, S. M., Stowe, M., Parrell, J., & Palepu, A.

Published July, 2017 by Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless.

Minimal impact of response shift for SF-12 mental and physical health status in homeless and vulnerably housed individuals: An item-level multi-group analysis.

2. Gadermann, A. M., Sawatzky, R., Palepu, A., Hubley, A. M., Zumbo, B. D., Aubry, T., Farrell, S., & Hwang, S. W.

Published June, 2017 by Quality of Life Research.

Paradigm Shifts in Gifted Education: An Examination Vis-à-Vis Its Historical Situatedness and Pedagogical Sensibilities

Lo, O. C., & Porath, M.

A comprehensive and critical narrative review published in the premier gifted education journal.

Published October, 2017 by Gifted Child Quarterly.

Does Player Unavailability Affect Football Teams’ Match Physical Outputs? A Two-Season Study of the UEFA Champions League

Windt, J., Ekstrand, J., Khan, K.M., McCall, A., Zumbo, B.D.

Published August 2017 by Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

When Time Runs Out: Reconciling Permanent Childlessness after Delayed Childbearing

Koert, E., Daniluk, J.

Published May 2017 by Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology.

The Use of Latent Variable Mixture Models to Identify Invariant Items in Test Construction

Sawatzky, R., Russell, L., Sajobi, T., Zumbo, B.

Published August 2017 by Quality of Life Research.

Paradigm Shifts in Gifted Education: An Examination Vis-à-Vis Its Historical Situatedness and Pedagogical Sensibilities

Lo, O., Porath, M.

Published July 2017 by Gifted Child Quarterly.

Agency, Identity, and Objects in Work and Play

Nardi, B., Gajdamaschko, N., Vadeboncoeur, J.

Published July 2017 by Mind Culture and Activity.

Athletic Identity and Psychiatric Symptoms Following Retirement from Varsity Sports

Giannone, Z.A., Haney, C. J., Kealy, D., Ogrodniczuk, J.S.

Published August, 2017 by International Journal of Social Psychiatry.

Evaluating a Comprehension of Written Grammar Assessment for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Cannon, J.E., Hubley, A.M., Norman, N., O 'loughlin, J.I., Phelan, L., Finley, A.

Published June 2017 by 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

Is Difference in Measurement Outcome between Groups Differential Responding, Bias or Disparity? A Methodology for Detecting Bias and Impact from an Attributional Stance

Wu, A., Lui, Y., Stone, J.E., Zou, D., Zumbo, B.

Published August 2017 by Frontiers in Education.

Expanding the Definitional Criteria for Imaginative Play: Contributions of Sociocultural Perspectives

Göncü, A., Vadeboncoeur, J.

Published August 2017 by Learning & Behavior.

Standard-setting methodology: Establishing performance standards and setting cut scores to assist score interpretation

Zumbo, B.D.

Published June 2016 by NRC Research Press.

Social and Emotional Learning and Teachers

Schonert-Reichl, Kimberly A.

Published Spring, 2017 by The Future of Children, Princeton-Brookings.

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