William Borgen


Director of CNPS PhD Program
CNPS 363 Coordinator



Office: Scarfe Library Block 286

Counselling Psychology

Registered Psychologist

Theoretical Orientation:


Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association, 2018

Fellow of the International Association for Counselling, 2014

Canadian Career Development Foundation Stu Conger Award for Leadership in the area of career development, 2011

Honorary Life Membership, International Association for Counselling, 2006

Honorary Doctorate awarded by University of Umea, Umea, Sweden, 2005

Courses Taught

CNPS 362 Basic Interviewing Skills

CNPS 688 Supervision of Couselling Practice

CNPS 598 Field Experiences

CNPS 677 Theories of Vocational Development

CNPS 588 Supervised Clinical Experience in Counselling


University of Alberta

Research Projects

Cultural Infusions and Shifting Sands: How Indigenous and Immigrant Youth Make Career Decisions with Marla Buchanan, Lee Butterfield, Alanaise Goodwill and Ishu Ishiyama, SSHRC

After the Guns Have Stopped: Civilian Life Transitions for Canadian Forces Members with Tim Black, SSHRC

How Middle Managers and Non-retiring Workers Successfully Handle Change with Norm Amundson and Lee Butterfield, SSHRC

Towards a Flexible Workforce:  Workers and their Ability to Meet the Challenges of Ongoing Change with Norm Amundson, SSHRC

Selected Publications

Borgen, W. A., & Neault, R. A. (in press, 2019). Applications and careers for counsellors and counselling psychologists. In M. E. Norris (Ed.), The Canadian Handbook for Applied Psychological Science. Kingston, ON: eCampus Ontario. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Borgen, W. & Edwards, D. (2019) Context counts in career development. Canadian Journal of Career Development18(1), 59-72.

Borgen, W.A., & Butterfield, L.D. (2018) Job loss:  Outplacement programs.  In U-C. Klehe & E.A.J. van Hooft (Eds.), Handbook of job loss and job search.  Oxford University Press: Oxford, 547-560.

Nandini Maharaj, Arminee Kazanjian & William Borgen (2018) Investing in human–animal bonds: What is the psychological return on such investment?, Loisir et Société /Society and Leisure, DOI:10.1080/07053436.2018.1545417

Borgen, W.A., Becker, E.S. & Butterfield, L. D. (2016) Career counselling in Canada. In Gazzola, N., Buchanan, M., Sutherland, O. & Nuttgens, S. (Eds.) Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Canada. Ottawa: CCPA, 203-226. Handbook of Counselling.

Kivari, C. A ,  Oliffe, J. L., Borgen, W. A., & Westwood, M. J. (2016) No man left behind: Effectively engaging male military veterans in counseling. American Journal of Men’s Health, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/1557988316630538, 1-11.

Robertson, S. E. & Borgen W. A. (2016) CCPA accreditation of counsellor education programs in Canada: An historical perspective. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy50(3), 259-277.

Borgen, W. A., Butterfield, L. D., Gazzola, N. & Goyer, L. (2015) Towards a definition of Canadian career psychology. In Sinacore A. & Ginsberg F. (Eds.) Canadian Counselling Psychology. Montreal: McGill Queens University Press, 165-205.

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Borgen, W. & Hiebert, B. (2014) Orienting educators to contemporary ideas for career counseling: An illustrative example. In G. Arulmani (Ed.). Handbook of Career Development: International Perspectives, Springer: New York, 709-726.

Zheng, L., Amundson, N. E., Borgen, W. A. & Butterfield, L. (2013). The  experiences of mainland Chinese immigrant professionals who believe they have made a successful transition: Strategies that help or hinder. Canadian Journal of Career Development, 12(2), 48-57.