Welcome Dr. Johanna Sam

We are pleased and excited to welcome Dr. Johanna Sam.

Dr. Sam is joining us as a tenure-track Assistant Professor this January 2021. Dr. Sam is a proud member of Tŝilhqot’in Nation and an HDLC graduate. She has been and will continue to be involved with the Indigenous Teaching Education Indigenous Program (NITEP). Dr. Jenna Shapka was Dr. Sam’s supervisor (along with committee members, Shelley Hymel and Sandra Jarvis-Salinger) for her recently defended the dissertation, which explored the associations between resilience, cyberbullying, and cyber victimization with youth mental health and academic achievement. Dr. Sam is currently applying for a SSHCR IDG grant, which will use a Two-Eyed Seeing approach (weaving the strengths of Western and Indigenous ways of knowing) to develop a cultural understanding of cyberbullying and resiliency in online spaces for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. In terms of teaching, Dr. Sam has taught extensively in the NITEP program, where she was the coordinator for the Cariboo Field Centre, as well as a 12-month lecturer in Digital Pedagogies in Indigenous Teacher Education. In her new role in ECPS, Dr. Sam will fill teaching gaps across two programs in the faculty: HDLC and NITEP.

Welcome, Dr. Johanna Sam!