SPED MEd General Concentration

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Note: These guidelines are for students currently enrolled. The General Special Education Concentration has been replaced by the Supporting Inclusive Education Concentration beginning with 2014 admissions. Students currently enrolled in the General Special Education Concentration can continue their programs according to their plans of study, but new admissions will not be made to this concentration.

Program Prerequisites

Full standing is granted to those applicants who have completed the courses listed below and have attained teacher certification. Please note: EPSE 483 Reading and Interpreting Research in Education, (or course that has been deemed to be a replacement for EPSE 483), may be substituted for both 481 and 482. The requirement of teacher certification may be waived where the applicant has met the University and programs requirements for admission and has adequate professional experience related to the field of Special Education.

EPSE 312 Introduction to the Study of Exceptional Children
EPSE 317 Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom
EPSE 481 Introduction to Research in Education
EPSE 482 Introduction to Statistics for Research in Education
EPSE 483 Reading and Interpreting Research in Education (may be substituted for both EPSE 481 and 482)

Program Requirements

EPSE 512
Critical Issues in Special Education (3 credits)

Choose 3 credits from:

EPSE 501
Seminar in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (3 credits)
EPSE 503
Cultural Perspectives on Learning, Development, and Media (3 credits)
EPSE 505
Foundations in Human Development: Infancy to Adulthood (3 credits)
EPSE 502
Cognition, Language, and Literacy Processes in Education (3 credits)
EPSE 584
Motivation in Education (3 credits)
EPSE 585
Social Emotional Development in Education (3 credits)

Choose 12 credits from:

EPSE 515
Seminar in Behaviour Disorders (3 credits)
EPSE 516
Seminar in the Development and Education of Highly Able and Creative Learners (3 credits)
EPSE 526
Seminar in Specific Learning Disabilities (3 credits)
EPSE 549
Seminar in Autism (3 credits) [pre-requisite: EPSE 449]
Special Topics Course in High Ability (3 credits)
Fostering Motivation and Self-Regulation to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners (3 credits)
EPSE 575
Seminar in Instructional Methods for Persons with Significant Learning Challenges (3 credits)
EPSE 580
Investigation & Report of a Problem in Education (3 credits)
NOTE: at least 3 credits of electives must be at the 500 level

Choose 9 credits from approved electives (300, 400 or 500 level EPSE or related studies). See your advisor for suggestions.

Graduating Seminar (3 credits). After completing the required and elective courses, students must take the following course:

EPSE 590
Graduating Seminar (3 credits)

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For application or course registration information, contact us by email at lee.smith@ubc.ca or by telephone at 604-822-5351.

Criminal Record Checks

All graduate students in Special Education who undertake a field experience that involves work with vulnerable populations (for example, children in schools) MUST have a criminal record check completed through the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Teacher Education Office prior to starting the course. The criminal record check CANNOT be done at a local police station or RCMP office. If you are from a country other than Canada, you are required to contact the appropriate authority and have the check completed in your home country.
Learn more about Criminal Record Checks.