Dr. Shelley Hymel on the Legacy of Pink Shirt Day

Story and video production by: Julie Acres

2017 marks the ten year anniversary that heroic students, Travis Price and David Shepherd, practiced kindness and acceptance towards a fellow high school peer who was experiencing bullying. Travis and David’s legacy is commemorated as Pink Shirt Day , a day where everyone is encouraged to practice kindness, and wear a Pink Shirt to symbolize that you do not tolerate bullying.

ECPS Professor Shelley Hymel has dedicated over 35 years to research focused on social and emotional development, and bullying in school-aged children. She is the co-founder of the Bullying Research Network; a network that connects national and international researchers in the areas of bullying prevention and intervention, and peer victimization.

UBC’s Dr. Shelley Hymel Explains Pink Shirt Day Legacy

In Shelley’s Words:

“Bullying is one of many behaviours, along with discrimination, intolerance, etc. that reflect the negative side of interpersonal relations.
To address bullying in school-aged children effectively, we need to help students acquire the positive interpersonal skills that encourage acceptance, peer support and caring for others.”

A Resource for Bullying Prevention

Developed at the University of British Columbia under the direction of Dr. Shelley Hymel, the SEL Resource Finder website  provides descriptions and links to over 400 resources (programs, lessons, books, videos, etc.) aimed at promoting SEL and positive mental health in educational settings, including resources that address bullying and school violence.

The SEL Resource Finder serves as a dynamic, interactive arena to advance the educational efforts of educators and anyone who works with children and youth to foster social and emotional learning, mental health, and well-being in schools and community organizations. This hub is a resource for those interested in finding new and innovative strategies for integrating social and emotional learning, and positive mental health into educational practices.

Dr. Hymel on Roundhouse Radio for Pink Shirt Day