RECIPROCAL IMPACT: Therapeutic Interplay in Cultural Indigenous Perspective

Speakers: Perry Shirley (Dine’/Navajo), Kenneth Shirley (CEO), Ty Lodgepole and Jorge Gonzales, Indigenous Enterprise
Date: Thursday, March 11th, 5:00-6:30 pm in the series | Online presentation via Zoom
Sponsors: CNPS Social Justice committee, the Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education Department (ECPS) of the UBC Faculty of Education, and Green College

Indigenous Enterprise will provide several dance performances that are representative of the cultural and traditional aspects of North American Indigenous tribes. Each dance has its origin and retains unique movements that are initiated from the dancer and continue through the dancer’s regalia, such as feathers, bells, hoops, etc. The dances promote physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional healing; through the graceful movements that replicate certain elements of mother nature in rhythm to the beat of the drum that is representative of a heartbeat.

Dance provides an important place in the social, cultural, and ceremonial aspect among the tribes of North America. In conjunction with chants, prayer, protocol, etc., certain ceremonies also involve specific dances and movements that are equally an important aspect of the ritual process.

It is said that for a person to have balance and stability in life, the person must have identity. Native dancing, singing, ceremonies, cultures, and traditions are forms of identity. Indigenous Enterprise dancers and presenters will share their views of positive healing that derives from identity as a Native Indigenous dancer. The presenters will discuss personal and enlightening traditional and cultural experiences, with parallel with general therapeutic practices in a reciprocal positive manner.

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