QMS: Open Science: Open Resources & Communication with Scott Lapinski

January 19, 2018
11:00 – 12:30 p.m.
Scarfe Room 2415
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Speaker: Scott Lapinski, Scholarly Communication & Research Librarian, Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard University
Moderator: Ed Kroc (Postdoctoral Fellow, ECPS & Department of Statistics)
Panel Discussion Speakers:
Ben Hives (M.Sc. student, School of Kinesiology)
Geri Ruissen (Ph.D. student, School of Kinesiology)

In this event, we will discuss the most updated practices of open science, including open resources, open access and open communication across research fields. Scott Lapinski will also talk about the current open science initiatives at Harvard University. Since 2006, Scott Lapinski Scott has lead campus-wide Open Science initiatives. Dominating this activity is to ensure Harvard researchers are aware of the choices and tools available to help them navigate any granting agency obligations to share scholarly publications and any relevant supplemental data within Open Access Repositories. Scott will share some of the challenges, opportunities and trends that have been observed over the course of this initiative, and recommend some direction that may help academic communities to foster a research culture that better integrates the “reproducibility of science” with the published scientific record.

Ben Hives will briefly discuss various mediums of social media and their role in communicating science. He will also discuss some of the benefits and perils of using social media as a scientist.

Geri Ruissen will talk address both the why and how of preregistering research with practical examples. Pre-registration, the practice of making all aspects of your research process publicly available before data collection commences, is gaining considerable momentum as it is a simple and effective way of protecting against some of the pitfalls of NHST.

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