Director of CNPS PHD Program, and Director of Clinics
CNPS 363 Coordinator
Registered Psychologist
Scarfe Library Block 286


University of Alberta


Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association , 2018
Fellow of the International Association for Counselling , 2014
Canadian Career Development Foundation Stu Conger Award for Leadership in the area of career development , 2011
Honorary Life Membership, International Association for Counselling , 2006
Honorary Doctorate awarded by University of Umea, Umea, Sweden , 2005

Selected Publications:

Borgen, W. A., & Neault, R. A. (in press, 2019). Applications and careers for counsellors and counselling psychologists. In M. E. Norris (Ed.), The Canadian Handbook for Applied Psychological Science. Kingston, ON: eCampus Ontario. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Nandini Maharaj, Arminee Kazanjian & William Borgen (2018) Investing in human–animal bonds: What is the psychological return on such investment?, Loisir et Société /Society and Leisure, DOI:10.1080/07053436.2018.1545417

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Kivari, C. A ,  Oliffe, J. L., Borgen, W. A., & Westwood, M. J. (2016) No man left behind: Effectively engaging male military veterans in counseling. American Journal of Men’s Health, DOI:, 1-11.

Robertson, S. E. & Borgen W. A. (2016) CCPA accreditation of counsellor education programs in Canada: An historical perspective. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 50(3), 259-277.

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Theoretical Orientation:


Research Projects:

Cultural Infusions and Shifting Sands: How Indigenous and Immigrant Youth Make Career Decisions with Marla Buchanan, Lee Butterfield, Alanaise Goodwill and Ishu Ishiyama, SSHRC

After the Guns Have Stopped: Civilian Life Transitions for Canadian Forces Members with Tim Black, SSHRC

How Middle Managers and Non-retiring Workers Successfully Handle Change with Norm Amundson and Lee Butterfield, SSHRC

Towards a Flexible Workforce:  Workers and their Ability to Meet the Challenges of Ongoing Change with Norm Amundson, SSHRC

Courses Taught:

CNPS 362 Basic Interviewing Skills
CNPS 688 Supervision of Couselling Practice
CNPS 598 Field Experiences
CNPS 677 Theories of Vocational Development
CNPS 588 Supervised Clinical Experience in Counselling