CNPS Area Coordinator
Registered Psychologist
Scarfe Library Block 286


University of Alberta


The Career Development Quarterly Outstanding Research Contribution Award: National Career Development Association
Honorary Doctorate Degree (October 2005): University of Umea, Sweden

Selected Publications:

Maglio, A.T., Butterfield, L.D., & Borgen, W.A. (in press, 2005). Existential considerations for contemporary career counselors. Journal of Employment Counseling.

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In French: Robertson, S. E. & Borgen, W. A. (2003). Normes et procedures d’accreditation de l’ ACC pour le programmes de formation.

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Borgen, W.A., Amundson, N.E. & Tench. E. (1996). Psychological well-being throughout the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The Career Development Quarterly, 45, 189-199.

Theoretical Orientation:


Research Projects:

Towards a Preventive/Developmental Approach to Counselling: Helping People Meet the Challenges of Ongoing Change, with Norm Amundson, SSHRC

Unemployment With Special Populations (Fishers): Study of the effect of unemployment on fishers who live in isolated communities on the east coast of Canada. (with N. Amundson) (SSHRC)

The Experience of Workers Following the Restructuring of their Work Environment: What helps and hinders. (with N. Amundson) (SSHRCC)

The Experience of Unemployed People in Implementing Action Plans that require Interaction with Institutions in Transition: What helps and hinders. (Hampton).

A Comparison of the Perceptions of Clients and Counsellors Regarding Event in Counselling That Were Helpful or Hindering in Assisting Clients to Address Their Issues. (Multi-national study).

Courses Taught:

CNPS 362 Basic Interviewing Skills
CNPS 688 Supervision of Couselling Practice