Norman Amundson

Professor Emeritus


University of Alberta

Selected Publications:

Amundson, N.E. (1998; 2003; 2009). Active engagement: The being and doing of career counselling. Edition Three. Richmond, B.C.: Ergon Communications. (Translated into Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Estonian and Dutch – Winner of a CCPA award for best counselling book in Canada)

Niles, S.G., Amundson, N.E. & Neault, R.A. (2011). Career flow: A hope-centered approach to career development. Columbus, Ohio: Pearson.

Poehnell, G. & Amundson, N. (2011). Hope-filled engagement. Richmond, B.C.: Ergon Communications. (Translated into Danish)

Amundson, N.E. (2010). Metaphor making: Your career, your life, your way. Richmond, B.C.: Ergon Communications. (Translated into Danish)

Amundson, N.E., Harris-Bowlsbey, J. & Niles, S. (2014). Essential elements of career counseling. Edition Three. Columbus, Ohio: Pearson. (Translated into Greek and Korean)

Hohenshil, T.H., Amundson, N.E., & Niles, S.G. (2013). Counseling around the world: An international handbook. Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.

Amundson, N.E. (2003). Physics of living. Richmond, B.C.: Ergon Communications. (Translated into Danish)

Amundson, N.E., Borgen, W.A., Jordan, S. & Erlebach, Anne (2004). Survivors of downsizing: Helpful and hindering experiences. The Career Development Quarterly, 52, 256-271. (Winner of the NCDA Best Research Article Award)

Theoretical Orientation:

Hermeneutic narrative/contructivism and solution focused

Research Projects:

  1. Completing a SSHRC funded project on working life with W. Borgen and L. Butterfield.
  2. Researching a hope based career development program with researchers from the U.S. (CERIC funded). First phase of the research has been completed and an application for the second phase has been submitted.
  3. Ongoing research on creativity, imagination and metaphors

Courses Taught:

CNPS 574 Career development at the Masters levels

CNPS 677 Career development at the Doctoral levels

CNPS 564 Group Counselling

CNPS 584 Program Evaluation

CNPS 579 Research Methods

CNPS 598 Clinical Practicum

CNPS 588 Counselling Clinic