February is Psychology Month in Canada

February is Psychology Month in Canada. It highlights the contributions of Canadian psychologists and aims to teach Canadians how psychology can help them, their families, and their communities live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Who are school psychologists?

School psychologists are highly trained mental health professionals who provide unique learning and mental health services to school communities, using their expertise in child development, learning, mental health, behaviour, while also understanding school systems.

As we celebrate Psychology Month in Canada, we would like to use this opportunity to draw attention to the important work school psychologists are doing across the country. During the current stressful times of the pandemic, with “distance learning” in many of our schools, as mental health needs of children and youth are on the rise and resilience is ever more important, they play a critical role in supporting students, educators and families.

Every week in February we will be sharing a poster created by the Canadian Psychological Association Educational and School Psychology Section, aiming to raise awareness about the range of services school psychologists can provide. Please share these messages widely with your community. (Posters are available in English and French in different formats appropriate for printing on the Section website: https://cpa.ca/sections/educational/promo-materials)

From the Canadian Psychological Association Educational and School Psychology Section