EPSE 681 | Advanced Topics

EPSE 681 is an advanced topics course in research and measurement, with each offering focusing on a different theme or topic within measurement, evaluation, research methodology, or data analysis. The topic in 2011 is Advanced Qualitative Research in Psychology.

This advanced level course is offered for doctoral students wishing to extend their knowledge of qualitative methodologies. The course content will focus on in-depth understandings of the philosophy of science and how various epistemological perspectives underpin how we conceptualize methods of inquiry. The advanced methods covered will focus on narrative inquiry, critical narrative methods, critical ethnographic methods, and various forms of discourse analysis as applied within psychology.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of EPSE 595 or an equivalent course or permission of the instructor.

Heading 1:
MERM MEd Approved Methodology Electives* (Choose 18 credits):
Heading 2:
MERM MA Approved Methodology Electives* (Choose 12 credits):

Credits: 3