EPSE 594 | Meta-Analysis: Quantitative Research Synthesis

Meta-analysis is a type of systemic review that uses techniques to systematically combine and summarize the statistical results of research in any field. Summarizing existing research is a necessary endeavour in the scientific process. An understanding of how to evaluate and conduct a meta-analysis is of vital importance to today’s researchers.

The focus in this course is on current methods and techniques for calculating and analyzing study effect sizes. The course covers the entire meta-analytic process: problem formulation, data collection, data evaluation, analysis and interpretation, and presentation of results. Various effect size measures are studied. Methods of combining effect sizes and the use of moderator variables are extensively examined. Students learn practical skills and complete an actual meta-analysis project that can be used as a start towards their thesis/dissertation.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of EPSE 592 and/or EPSE 596 or equivalent courses.

MERM MEd Approved Methodology Electives* (Choose 18 credits):
MERM MA Approved Methodology Electives* (Choose 12 credits):


Credits: 3