ECPS Virtual Orientation 2020

ECPS Faculty and Staff are excited to welcome all new incoming graduate students into the department on Friday, September 11th at 4:30 pm. This year, the orientation will be held in Zoom!


1 Dean’s introduction
2 Introduction of Department Administrators, Staff, and Graduate Academic Assistants
3 In these unusual times of COVID-19, find out how to effectively navigate your graduate school experiences, including an introduction to:
o How to navigate student-supervisor interactions
o Who to go to when you have a problem or want consultation or support on your work
o Ideas for immersing yourself in the department culture(s) and engaging in collaboration
4 Suggestions for ongoing communication
5 Important information regarding deadlines, annual reports, and other expectations
6 Available supports and workshops to enhance your skills (writing, research, etc.)
7 How and where to access information regarding your graduate experience
8 Opportunities for funding
9 Insider perspectives on surviving the first year as a graduate student (GAA Panel, available online on Canvas)

*Note that the points that are bolded will be directly addressed during the live Zoom meeting. The rest will be addressed on the Canvas ECPS Student Community course.

Orientation’s Virtual Scavenger Hunt

2020 ECPS Orientation’s Virtual Scavenger Hunt here

Email your responses to and participate in the scavenger hunt that could see you win a (relatively) valuable gift certificate. Good luck!!

Serge Lacroix, Ph.D.
ECPS Graduate Advisor