CNPS Research Colloquium: Career decision-making in an uncertain world

Career decision-making in an uncertain world
Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 11:30 – 1 PST

Speaker: Dr. Hui Xu
Assistant Professor, Loyola University of Chicago, USA

While the Parsonian framework of career decision-making has provided seminal insights into the research and practice of career decision-making, the premises and practice of the Parsonian framework encounter challenges in the psychological, economic, and social contexts of contemporary career decision-making. One key challenge is inevitable ambiguity. Dr. Xu’s research program started with a series of studies examining the role of ambiguity tolerance in the process and outcome of career decision-making. Based on cross-sectional, longitudinal, and cross-cultural evidence for the salience of ambiguity tolerance in career decision-making, this research program arrived at a dual-process framework of career decision-making, which offers a platform to integrate existing theories and research, direct future research and practice on career decision-making, and provide ecologically valid implications for working with marginalized populations. Future research directions regarding career decision-making are also discussed.

Meeting will occur over ZOOM