CNPS 566 | Advanced Study in Group Counselling

This advanced 3 credit course in group theories of counseling and psychotherapy will provide the students with in depth knowledge of several integrated theories used in group counselling and psychotherapy, related research, and development of advanced group leader competencies for practice.  This course examines more complex group models for client change – building on the foundational knowledge provided in CNPS 564 which is a survey of group models and approaches to counselling.  Supervised practice and video analysis with instructor supervision will assist the student to acquire mastery of several competencies for leading groups. Criteria for selecting models based on particular client groups and outcome focus will be presented.

This course is recommended for doctoral students and advanced masters level students seeking advanced knowledge and understanding of group counseling and psychotherapy theory and practice.  Finally, participants will examine to increase awareness of their own orientation to both participating in and leading groups in order to identify personal strengths and challenges encountered in group work and which will inform them of how these interact with their own group leading.

Each class has a theory focus component followed by an applied practice session.  The course will be taught using a different number of learning modalities.  Emphasis will be on conceptual understanding of key processes and skills, demonstration and modeling of the same and practice with feedback and increased development of personal awareness.  The applied component of the course will be utilization of a micro skills counseling and supervision approach by the instructor to enhance learner competence.

Prerequisites: CNPS 564 or equivalent

Credits: 3