About 2020/21 Winter Session Term 2

Hello everyone,

Many of you may be wondering about 2020/21 Winter Session, Term 2, which begins in January 2021. While the information has circulated on some platforms, allow me to cite President Ono:

“I am pleased to say that for Winter Session, Term 2, we are keeping a focus on equitable access for all our students, with a blend of program delivery, ensuring we foster an inclusive learning community. We are also continuing to support those students who need our help — whether financially or academically, or through extra advice and counselling.”

For the most part, classes will be offered online and access to campus will remain limited. To find out more about campus rules as they pertain to Covid-19, you can consult https://srs.ubc.ca/files/2020/06/4.-COVID-19-Campus-Rules.pdf.

Also, to stay up to date on all the COVID-related information, you can always visit https://covid19.ubc.ca/.

As some of you may need to make special arrangements for Winter 2 being online, I invite you to also contact your instructor for any specific questions you may have.

Thank you,

Serge Lacroix Ph.D. R. Psych.
Associate Professor of Teaching
ECPS Director of Graduate Programmes