2017 CIHR Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Dr. Alanaise Goodwill for her recent success for the following 2017 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grants:

CIHR Training Grant: Indigenous Mentorship Network Program
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Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Rod McCormick (TRU)
Co-investigators: David Archie, Hilda Green, Londea Riffel, Sheila Blackstock, Airini, L Bourque Bearskin, Jody Butler Walker, Treena Delormier, Lauchlan Fraser, Joseph Gone, Dr. Alanaise Goodwill (ECPS), Pierre Haddad, Peter Hutchinson, Shelly Johnson, Sereana Patterson, Darlene Sanderson, Nina Sivertsen, Graham Smith, and Linda Smith

Ombaashi: Indigenous Mentorship Network Program-National /International Co-ordinating Centre
$1,000,000 | 5 years

CIHR Catalyst Grant: Indigenous Approaches to Wellness Research
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Principal Applicant: Dr. Rod McCormick (TRU)
Co-investigators: David Archie, Hilda Green, Airini, Lisa Bourque-Bearskin, Dr. Alanaise Goodwill (ECPS), Shelly Johnson, Sereana Patterson, and Darlene Sanderson

Txesmin: Looking in-looking out