QMS Event: Measurement Issues Related to Tests and Questionnaires

Thursday, March 23, 2017  |  11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Neville Scarfe (Library Block), Room 278


Michelle Chen (Ph.D. candidate, MERM)


Minjeong Park (M.A. student in MERM)
Oscar Olvera (Ph.D. in MERM)

During the March Quantitative Methods Society event, we will discuss measurement issues related to tests and questionnaires. Minjeong Park will discuss methodology related to multiple choice questions used in achievement tests, and Oscar Olvera will present his collaborative research on a widely used children developmental questionnaire.

Do the multiple choices of a test question mean the same to different people?

By Minjeong Park
Abstract: Multiple choice questions are widely used in both large scale and classroom assessments. However, educators rarely think about if students with the same ability or skills may have different probabilities to select the options, which may affect their academic performance. This study is to investigate this issue and will show you how Differential Options Functioning method provide useful information to researchers and educators.

Psychometric investigation of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire: Methodological challenges and potential solutions

By Oscar Olvera
Abstract: The Ages and Stages Questionnaire 3 (ASQ-3) is a widely-used screening tool to identify developmental delays in children aged from 2 to 66 months. In spite of this popularity, very little psychometric research has been done on it due to the intricacies of the data it generates. This study presents 3 methodological challenges prevalent in ASQ-3 data as well as solutions to address them.

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