Assistant Professor
Scarfe Office Block 2526


University of British Columbia, 2015, Ph.D., Mathematics
DePaul University, 2007, M.Sc., Applied Mathematics in Statistics
DePaul University, 2006, B.Sc., Mathematics


Dr. Ed Kroc joined the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, & Special Education in 2018 as an Assistant Professor in MERM. Dr. Kroc received his PhD in Mathematics at UBC and completed his M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics in Statistics), and B.Sc. (Mathematics) at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

Scholarly Interests:

Measurement, evaluation, and research methodology: foundations of measurement; measurement error models; psychometrics; sensitivity analysis; passive observational study design; incomplete, partial, and missing data; small data; applied and theoretical causal inference; scienti c methodology and statistical best practice; replicability in the natural and social sciences.

Related interests: spatio-temporal modeling; high-dimensional spatial point process models; Great Lakes ecology; urban ecology; e ects of biotic and abiotic interactions on reproduction and range of urban-dwelling species; life cycle of gulls; evolution and speciation of sea and shorebirds; wildlife conservation.

Selected Publications:

Busta, L., Hegebarth, D., Kroc, E., Jetter, R. Changes in cuticular wax coverage and composition on developing Arabidopsis leaves are in uenced by wax biosynthesis gene expression levels and trichome density. Planta, 245 (2), 297{311 (2017)

Kroc, E.. An introduction to the Kakeya problem (Parts 1, 2, & 3). Newsletter of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, 26(3), (2016); 27(1)&(2), (2017)

Kroc, E.. An example of extreme nest delity among urban-resident Glaucous-winged Gulls (Larus glaucescens) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. British Columbia Birds, 18, 28{31 (2018)